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    Roman Klimčík

    Director, Engineering and Operations,Košice center
    In cooperation with EDUCON I appreciate fair dealing without any unpleasant surprises. EDUCON built a training program for us that included a number of situations from our segment and directly from life. It is a unique ability and shows evidence of a good team which EDUCON has during training preparations. Our company is extremely satisfied with this cooperation.
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    Štefan Fábián

    Business development manager
    EDUCON team is a unique combination of skills and characteristics that make them both attentive listeners and patient teachers, and also natural leaders and authorities. This interesting mix predetermines them to be good at what their job is. When all the mentioned is accompanied with organisational skills, get-up-and-go, attention to detail, it creates a professional team, that can successfully train big companies composed of different individualities from different departments. Training for our company was not only inspirational and informative but also enormously funny and absorbing.
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    Richard Krivčík

    In cooperation with the team of EDUCON agency we appreciate their personal approach, professionalism, flexibility, commitment, ability of a broad understanding of the issues of business in which our company operates, linking practical experience and theoretical inputs, both in implementation of trainings, as well as in HR consulting or development of internal employees. The added value is their holistic and strategic view of the objectives and the vision of the company which they are able to incorporate into HR activities successfully.
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    Ján Bodnár

    Deputy Managing Director - Košice IT Valley
    Marek Kmeť can interpret management issues to students attractively and comprehensively and he repeatedly demonstrated an excellent mastering of the topic. He is able to join an appropriate teaching methodology with his managerial experience from work. At the same time he uses a wide range of progressive tools and methods. He brisk the meetings up using actual case studies. My participation in his seminars is not just profitability for me but at the same time a motivation for further education and professional growth.
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    Marcel Sekela

    Head of Service / Member of Board
    Marek Kmeť has shown a great ability to combine theoretical knowledge from course materials with relevant reality of business and management life and thus gave me a good base for learning and further development of knowledge in the field of management of people and organizations. When evaluating my work he was always very exacting and this way he enabled me to obtain higher rating from each following work and he contributed to the elimination of my weaker management spots and improving the strong ones.
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    Marek Jenčo

    Director of section Blast Furnaces
    Not everybody had the opportunity to meet a man for whom it is important how other people develop, but I was lucky, and believe me, Marek Kmeť is the person who cares about everyone, whom he has to lead and teach. There was no meeting when somebody would have liked to leave and not to listen till the end the presented issue and what Marek Kmeť had prepared for us. I, as a student, appreciate about him the fact how he is interested in everyone and even in difficult times of studies he can support, encourage and inspire us to what is necessary to understand, as it is necessary for everyone in manager’s life. There were moments when I could not see the sense why I had to know everything he presented, taught or demonstrated us, but now, in my position, I can understand and appreciate what sense it made!
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    Vladimír Homola

    Director of a company
    Highly professional approach, quality of preparation and the ability to correct the customer's expectations in relation to the project (in terms of making the expectations realistic with respect to the acceptance of the complexity of the thinking change process) are for me the experience which I think of in connection with the name of Marek Kmeť. When I add enthusiasm and personal commitment of the trainer, it is a guarantee for me that the sources used this way have a high added value.
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    Martin Riszdorfer

    Supervisor of department
    The training implemented by EDUCON was at a very high level and the overall contribution is a great help in different situations which we come into contact with in daily workload and fulfilling the everyday labour service. The acquired knowledge and practical experience was given at a highly professional level by the adviser.
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    Tomáš Karpel

    Programme director
    I met Marek many years ago during my studies at the university. After years, on a managerial position, I decided to make use of his professional services. Thanks to his friendly nature and approach to the issue I found new impetus to develop not just my person but to solve the problems which were connected to my position. I appreciate the openness with which he is willing and able to lead discussions and find solutions with ease. For me personally it was, and also is an inspiration and desire to educate and continue working on myself.
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    Jana Kadnárová

    Financial manager
    The Max Reinhardt Foundation in implementing the project of 7th Framework program under the name SiS CATALYST used the services of the consulting and educational agency EDUCON. The approach to tackling this exceptional international project was highly professional and the communication with foreign partners was highly positive. The person of Marek Kmeť as a coordinator ensured a high standard of administrative, methodological and financial requirements for the implementation of the project. By multidisciplinary linking of individual activities and WP's several outputs were realized and published that were accepted very positively not only by the coordinator at the University of Liverpool, but also by the partners from the EU, Brazil, Ethiopia, Turkey, USA, Canada and India.
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    Andrea Szaniszlóová

    Most companies will start after a long time to live with an operational blindness. It started to be the case of Mayser company too. The view from specialists from outside and their techniques helped us to set up a real mirror to our company, employees and internal processes. Following recommendations from EDUCON side we reviewed several processes and job positions within the company. Not only implemented audits (organizational, process audit), but even so HOGAN assessments, realised trainings and development activities, it all gave us managerial inputs needed for proper decision making.